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Talent Privacy Policy Agreement

By clicking Accept & Continue below, I acknowledge that I have read the Fastcomcorp Talent Privacy Policy, and hereby consent to the collection, processing, use, and international transfer of my personal information as described therein.

Fastcomcorp Talent Privacy Policy

1. Collection, processing, transfer and use of Personal Information. Personal information may be controlled by Fastcomcorp, LLC or processed by Fastcomcorp, LLC on behalf of its affiliates, which may be located in the Americas or Europe, where such an affiliate is the responsible data controller

The following describes how Fastcomcorp, LLC. 11 North Water Street, Suite 10290 Mobile, AL 36602 USA or as appropriate a local affiliate (“Fastcomcorp”) as data controller collects, processes, transfers and uses the personal information you submit through this website (“Personal Information”) for purposes of processing your online application as further described below. Personal Information means any information relating to you that identifies you, or could reasonably be used to identify you, and that is recorded in any form, including but not limited to legal name, email address, physical address, education and employment history.

2. Purposes of processing your Personal Information.

Any Personal Information you provide to Fastcomcorp (i) will be used to process your application for the specific position you have applied for, (ii) will be used to process your application for other open positions within Fastcomcorp which may be suitable to you, and (iii) will be retained for consideration for other similar positions available within Fastcomcorp.

3. Transfer of Personal Information. Fastcomcorp is a international business and we recruit internationally

By submitting your Personal Information online you acknowledge that your information may be transferred to Fastcomcorp, LLC in the United States. Personal Information transferred from the European Economic Area or Switzerland to the United States of America is governed either by any operative Certification program, to which Fastcomcorp, LLC. Is in compliance for the European Union or a Swiss Transborder Data Flow Agreement for Switzerland.

4. Security for your Personal Information.

We have in place security measures to protect your Personal Information from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. The security measures are implemented and maintained in accordance with legal, organizational and technological developments.

5. Use of third-party service providers.

Fastcomcorp may use third-party service providers with whom Fastcomcorp contracts as part of its normal business operations to carry out certain human resources-related functions or IT functions (e.g., hosting services). Fastcomcorp will (i) diligently choose such third-party service providers, and (ii) ensure that such third-party service providers adopt adequate technical and organizational security measures to safeguard your Personal Information and that such third-party service providers only use your Personal Information as instructed by Fastcomcorp and for no other purposes.

6. Correctness of Personal Information.

By consenting to this Talent Privacy Consent, you confirm that all information you provide is complete and accurate.

7. Access and rectification, additional information and retracting consent.

In order to access, rectify and update your Personal Information, please send an email to If you have any questions about the Talent Privacy Consent or if you would like to retract your consent, please contact

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