Fastcomcorp Business Conduct and Ethics

Fastcomcorp is committed to the principles of business ethics and lawful conduct. As well as to conduct itself in all matters ethically, lawfully, and maintain high standards in business integrity. Fastcomcorp is also committed to complying with all applicable global export, import, and economic sanctions, laws, and regulations specially with our technologies.

Our employees at all time must comply with Fastcomcorp’s business conduct and guidelines set before them when they were employed with the company. Any violation from an employee is cause for discipline, including being dismissed from the company.


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Our Commitment To Our Business Relationships

Fastcomcorp strives to conduct our business in fairness and in a professional manner. We follow local laws and customs of the countries in which we operate. Fastcomcorp is committed to transparency in our business practices. We have zero tolerance for corruption and bribery in connection with our business. Our business complies with anti-corruption laws, such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act, in all countries in which we do business.


Fastcomcorp is commitment towards achieving the highest standards of quality. This is the basis in which our brand and value as a company comes from. Along with quality we deliver value to our clients each time they interact with Fastcomcorp directly or thru our business partners in the markets we serve.

Artificial Intelligence Principles

Fastcomcorp purpose of utilizing artificial intelligence technology in our products and services is to enhance human intelligence and productivity. Whenever A.I is being applied to a product or service we will state what purpose is being applied for and its data sources. Artificial intelligence its not only programmed, they learn from their own experiences, interactions with humans. We believe that this technology should remain under human control.


Fastcomcorp is highly committed to protecting the privacy and confidentially of information about its employees and clients. We have a no backdoor policy in our software specially with our data storage products.