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The#1 Open Source ERP

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The#1 Open Source ERP

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The Fastcomcorp Axelor ERP Platform can capture all of your business information into a single, scalable enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that will help you manage every aspect of your business – from accounting, manufacturing, all the way to supply chain management. You will gain greater control over your business with software designed to grow with you that streamlines processes. Axelor ERP comes built in with visual analytics that can generate meaningful and actionable business insights about your organization. You will gain greater

insight into your business, and allow you to make decisions based on real-time information from its business intelligence system– enabling you to drive profitable growth. Axelor is a complete web based ERP software that utilizes an open architecture and its also open source. Thus enabling the benefit for a long term solution because your organization will have access to all the code enabling its evolution. In turn, this allows businesses to continue focusing on what they do best and to react to new market opportunities swiftly and confidently.

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Empower your supply chain

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Streamline workflow + AI

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Data Security

Today’s businesses hold more data than ever before, and with this comes a set of responsibilities in the marketplace. The recent scandals plaguing firms such as Health Share of Oregon, Zoom, and ExecuPharm. Clearly illustrate what can happen if data is not protected properly and that any firm can suffer severe reputational damage if it fails to look after confidential information. Specially if a business is not GDPR, CCPA, PCI-DSS, or HIPPA compliant.

Hosting Solution

Our Axelor ERP hosted solution provides high levels of security and control, to help you and your IT department address your security and compliance requirements. Learn more below the benefits of our hosted ERP solution.

Commercial Management

Gain speed and agility. Model and plan across sales, marketing, contracts, and analytics. Streamline your financial close and gain insight to drive better decisions. Streamline the pitch-to-invoice process and improve estimates.

Financial Management

Simplify and automate your receivables processes, while integrating with your customers, to enable a close collaboration with real-time access. Enabling one to pursue new digital business models and positioning.

Collaborate Work

Whether on the go, at a desk, or together in a meeting room. The Fastcomcorp Axelor ERP Platform comes built with project management tracking, document sharing, social media network, and popular third party collaboration tools.

HR Management

Axelor empowers managers and HR professionals to streamline employee information, new hires, employee onboarding, performance management, benefits, payroll, promotions and compensation changes, all from a single platform.

Suppy Chain

Whether you sell direct-to-consumer, to retailers or both, we have you covered. Gain better understanding of bottom-line costs while maintaining the right inventory mix across the business.

The BPM Plateform

Easily create or modify your process-oriented business apps in a few clicks, without any coding, with a simple “drag-and-drop”. Simply describe what you need : the BPM plateform will take care of everything, and automatically generate your app.

Sales and Customer Service

Axelor ERP Plaform integrated sales and customer service management solution gives you a 360-degree view of customers helping to improve customer satisfaction, attract new customers and lower service costs. It is also an open and complete solution, integrating advanced features designed to simplify your customer relationship and allow you to focus on the essentials.

Optimize Conversion Rate

The software allows you to automate your sales force (Sales Force Automation) to save your teams time: management of sales appointments, callbacks, reminders, events… You can also automatically synchronize your appointments with your external schedules (mobile, Google, Outlook etc). Also Access a complete and graphical view of your actions (completed and future), your opportunities and their evolution step by step in order to gain efficiency.

Accounting and Billing

With our software your can solve your specific small business needs. You can also gain greater control over your business. Streamline key processes, gain greater insight into your business, and make decisions based on real-time information – so you can drive profitable growth. This solution will enable you to move products faster, process orders more quickly, manage vendors more effectively, and handle accounting more smoothly. Accounting software alone has limitations, this is why many businesses seek an ERP solution to integrate into their accounting solution.

An EPR system is an integrated system that can manage both internal and external resources in a business. Non-integrated software systems often require multiple data extracts to various spreadsheet programs, or they require uploads from one system to another. These gaps in data flow slow the response time from the time the order gets received to the time payment gets received from the customer.

Inventory Management

Gain full visibility and control of the flow of goods across your organization’s supply network enabling them to optimize inventory, service levels and working capital while decreasing costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Axelor ERP Platform will allow you to manage tracking numbers, production, purchase or sale, but also barcodes. In addition, you can decide how you want to recover your stock (FIFO, LIFO) and manage warranty and expiry dates by tracking number: you benefit from full traceability and tracking of your stocks and stock movements.

You can also calculate your needs by product, category or product family, by sales forecast or firm sale, exclude a product from the calculation of your needs: the calculator makes you the necessary proposals for your needs, prioritize it. You can automatically group and transform into a purchase order or a production order, case by case or in mass basis. Gain real-time visibility into item quantities across internal and external locations including goods in transit.

A Open Source Platform

The Fastcomcorp Axelor ERP Platform is a open platform that is not just limited to its ERP functionality and processes. You can build custom applications and integrate data from multiple systems. As well as implement Big Data functionalities. Integrate specific applications in B2B, accounting, and develop a mobile app integrating ERP functionality without having to spend over $100,000+ in extra investment to implement that functionality that is already built-into our software and modules we have developed. You can implement front-end frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue.js. Or back-end frameworks such as node.js, ASP.NET, Symfony and Laravel. Including integrating legacy systems such as AS400.

Dedicated Developer Support

Fastcomcorp provides dedicated developer support for developers and companies wanting to implement a custom made module or need assistance to get Axelor ERP running. We charge per hour and have monthly support plans available.

ERP Platform Users

Companies Who Use Axelor ERP

Core ERP Features

Axelor ERP Comparison

CRM Yes Yes Yes
Distribution Asset Management Yes Yes Yes
Enterprise Management No Yes Yes
HR Management No Yes Yes
Inventory Management Yes Yes Yes
Order Management Yes Yes Yes
Project Management No Yes Yes
Purchase Order Management Yes Yes Yes
(fcc) Axelor Platform Integrations

(fcc) Axelor Platform Module

Companies often have different requirements and payroll providers. Fastcomcorp is committed to supporting all customers, no matter which payroll providers they select or third party applications. To make integration simpler, Fastcomcorp offers pre-built integrations thru its module. As well as provide custom integrations with other third party applications with no extra charge up to 45 hours of programing when you purchase our (fcc) Axelor Platform Module.

The module comes ready to connect to Stripe, SuiteCRM, 3CX, G-Suite, Office 365, Calendar Sync for G-Suite & Office 365, Simple Legal, EasyShip, UPS Address Checker, Square, SumUp, Zoho CRM, WooCommerce, Salesforce (Coming Soon)…

Licensing Cost

For a Limited Time
250per month
Become Agile With The Axelor ERP Platform

Learn About How Our Company is Disrupting The ERP Market

Infrastructure Hosting Services

Our dedicated SaaS mode provides a service hosted on our servers linked into your private company network and you will have full control of the server in either dedicated or hybrid setup. The system is ready to use with a simple browser on PC, Mac or Linux. The application and your data can be hosted in our data centers in either the United States or Europe. We also have the option for you to replicated in real time the data. So that the data complies with data governance legislation. As well as helping you be compliant with other regulations such as PCI-DSS and HIPPA.

Compared to other SaaS ERP solutions in the market, this is a dedicated resource. There are  many SaaS providers that just offer adequate security to protect their customers sensitive data from malicious attacks. Often the security layers are common across the virtualized environment and may not meet companies’ particular requirements and puts them at risk. Our solution gives businesses a higher degree of control than hosted (SaaS) solutions where control resides with a third party in multiple locations. ERP applications are complex, therefore securing ERP applications involves a degree of complexity that requires both the customers and the provider working together. There will be security controls that will be implemented by us the provider, but there are security controls

that need to be implemented by you the customer and understanding on this matter is key.We can also provide you with visibility, monitoring and intelligence capabilities you need to protect your organization’s business-critical Axelor ERP applications. You can monitor for threats and attacks in near real-time, prioritize remediation efforts based on criticality and impact and reduce the attack surface by preventing and blocking misconfigurations or unauthorized changes at the system, code, and transport levels.

Custom Networking

Whether your environment consists of dedicated hardware, resources in the cloud or both, we can customize your network configuration to meet your business needs.

Deployment Service

During initial setup, our team will work with you to set up your solution. You will receive accurate cost modeling for your target operating architecture, with informed business cases that reduce risk and uncertainty.

Customization and Costs

Initially when we developed the Fastcomcorp Axelor ERP Platform we focused on creating a enterprise resource planner software solution for the SMB market. Small businesses today must be faster and sharper than the competition. In today’s business landscape, no business is too small for an ERP solution. ERP allows small businesses to appear, act and operate like an enterprise-scale business. Traditionally, on-premise systems required expensive licensing costs and large initial investments.

With Fastcomcorp you can get started today with this service for $385 per month. It includes the dedicated hosting solution, (fcc) Axelor Platform Module, and the customization services  provided by our programmers up to 45 hours for an annual contract. This is much more cost effective the leading ERP solutions such as Odoo and NetSuite. This solution for a limited time is being offered starting $385 per month. Typically this service costs between $40,000 – $85,000 just on customization and programming alone.


Axelor ERP Platform runs on Linux, OSX, or Windows. Built with open source technologies and can be installed with MariaDB, MySQL, FelipeDB, and PostgresSQL. Runs on Angular.js, JBoss, Apache Tomcat, and other open source technologies.

Our dedicated SaaS mode we mainly utilize Redhat Enterprise or CentOS. We do provide you the option of running the software by purchasing your own server or IBM Power9 servers.