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FelipeDB is a next generation intelligent bitmap document-based and SQL distributed database built for modern application that allows data to flow seamlessly between server clusters to mobile phones and web browsers

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FelipeDB is a next generation intelligent bitmap document-based and SQL distributed database built for modern application that allows data to flow seamlessly between server clusters to mobile phones and web browsers

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FelipeDB is a NoSQL and SQL database engineered with high availability, fault tolerance, replication capabilities, operational simplicity, and scalability. FelipeDB gives you the simplicity of performing CRUD operations as well as the power of SQL to extract data from JSON documents. What separates FelipeDB from MongoDB, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle is our bitmap associative intelligence indexing technology coined Hyperdex inspired by James Martin and developed by Joseph Richburg and Fastcomcorp.

Patent Pending

  • Bitmap Indexing
  • Built for offline use
  • Map/Reduce Views and Indexes
  • Distributed Architecture with Replication
  • ACID Semantics
  • Master-master replication / Master-slave replication
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence Neural Network
  • Analytics
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Data-centric security
  • Encipher Security Module (Multics OS Inspired)
  • Passwords are protected by a custom math formula
  • Data files names are protected with a custom formula
  • Built in end-to-end encryption
  • Programmable security policies
  • Erlang
  • C
  • ICU
  • JQuery
  • OpenSSL
  • SpiderMonkey
  • JSON
  • JavaScript

Artificial Intelligence

Unlike other database solutions in the market. What separates FelipeDB from all the other databases is that from the ground up it was engineered not only to store and retrieve data from large data repositories, but enable the application of artificial intelligence that works alongside the four memory systems built into FelipeDB. Other databases only work with one or two memory systems. What we Fastcomcorp have done is we have geometrically bonded data very close to like the human brain computes at the base. The application of this technology potential is enormous. It comes built in with data storage and memory properties that makes artificial intelligence applications over x2 more intelligent than other solutions. In Felipe DB you can also connect your datasets and create knowledge graphs to hone in on key information hidden within your data. As well as automate information gathering workflows.


Hypedex™ was originally developed by Joe B. Richburg inspired by the work of James Martin and by Vannevar Bush on his work on memex. When new applications like data warehousing, data mining, and business intelligence were fast emerging in the 1990’s he developed a solution to tackle big data and enhance search. In 2011 we saw the powerful applications this technology for the emergence of the cloud and artificial intelligence. Specially when it supported bitmap indexing for high cardinality fields such as numeric data fields, range-based data fields, or text data fields. Hyperdex technology is built in into FelipeDB that allows the indexing of big data sets unlike the other databases in the market enabling powerful Big Data applications and search capabilities.

FelipeDB SQL + NOSQL Capabilities



FelipeDB makes use of the HTTP protocol and JSON data format and is compatible with any software that supports them. FelipeDB also works great with external tools like HTTP proxy servers, load balancers.

Multi-Cluster Replication

One of FelipeDB defining features is its bi-directional replication, which enables synchronization of data across multiple servers and devices via bi-directional replication.


The architectural design of FelipeDB makes it extremely adaptable when partitioning databases and scaling data onto multiple nodes. FelipeDB supports both horizontal partitioning and replication.


FelipeDB utilizes MVCC (Multi-Version Concurrency Control) to manage access to databases concurrently. This means that regardless of current database loads, FelipeDB can run at full speed and without restrictions to its users.


When you are scaling your database usability and accessibility, being able to build applications that work as well offline as they do online is essential. FelipeDB enables applications to store collected data locally on mobile devices and browsers, then synchronizes that data once it is back online.


FelipeDB utilizes a RESTful API to access the database from anywhere, with full CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations flexibility. This simple and effective means of database connectivity makes FelipeDB flexible, fast, and powerful to use while remaining highly accessible.

Mission Critical Workloads

FelipeDB comes built-in with distributed fault tolerance and backup options to meet your data recovery objectives. It is a high performance database with a very low memory footprint great for video game applications.

SQL Engine

Our SQL Engine is a game changer in our industry. It is a powerful piece of our database solution that enables FelipeDB to outperform any database in the market. This piece allows associative memory functions between SQL tables and NoSQL tables and much more.

Enterprise Ready

FelipeDB supports ACID transactions to enable you to build business-critical applications at scale. You can create full backups of hundreds of terabytes of data instantly with no performance impact to your tables.

Unmatched agility and manageability with unparalleled performance, at any scale

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