Helix Sentry

Enterprise Security for SMB

Fastcomcorp Helix Sentry™ helps websites and applications to run faster with content caching, load balancing and failover delivered thru a security-enabled content delivery network. Block attacks before they reach your website, eCommerce store, or web app. Speed up load times and increase availability. Learn how Helix Sentry is now one of the top WAF in the world. See how it compares to Incapsula, cWatch, Cloudflare, SiteLock, and Sucuri.

Helix Sentry

Protect your critical data, web applications, and web sites against malicious sources, DoS attacks, and sophisticated threats such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, malware, buffer overflows, file inclusion, cookie poisoning, and more. Quickly enable and streamline visual demonstration of compliance with PCI, SOX, HIPAA, and FINRA, as well is consistent with the Cyber Security Risk Management Framework (CSRMF) created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Helix Sentry™ now available at the (fcc) Hosting Services Account Center


Fastcomcorp Helix Sentry™ Web Application Firewall eliminates application vulnerabilities to protect websites and web applications either cloud or on-premise against advanced attacks including Denial-of-Service (DDoS), SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting and unknown threats, including all OWASP top 10 and zero-day threats.

Auto Infection Remover

Helix Sentry™ automatically removes active infections from website files and any MariaDB or MySQL database without disrupting your site functionality. Helix Sentry safeguards your website against cybercriminals and other online security threats.


Helix Sentry comes with a Content Delivery Network that offers innovative features, powerful performance, and a global presence. With instant purge, real-time analysis, intelligent caching and built-in DDoS protection, website loading speeds can improve up to 68% while reducing bandwidth by 40%-70% on average. It is proven to increase search engine rankings and site scores. It has 29 worldwide CDN node locations to reach your users.

Helix Sentry CDN is fully integrated into a 6-layer security stack, giving your website defense-in-depth for an affordable monthly price. Thus giving you the freedom to focus less on site maintenance, more on scaling the uptime of your traffic and target audience.

Managed SIEM

Helix Sentry SIEM identifies threats for the firewall to block in real time. Meaning that hackers are blocked before they even reach your web app or website. The SIEM knows which requests are from valid visitors and which are malicious actors. On its database it houses over 18,500 + known threats. Our SIEM uses a continually updated database that includes over 18,500 different threats and vulnerabilities.

It has an A.I bundled with machine learning algorithms. Using a firewall with static security rules means you’re waiting for a hacker to find their way past the rules. That’s why Helix Sentry uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to monitor your website and adapt your firewall to stay ahead of hackers.

Backup Manager

Helix Sentry has a robust disaster recovery solution which automatically creates a backup of your website at regular intervals. It utilizes state of the art storage and security technologies, the service lets you quickly and easily restore your site in the event of catastrophic data loss.

Backups are encrypted and stored on heavily-protected AWS data-centers. As well it comes with features such as security checks, one-click restore, database backups, incremental backups, and each backup is scanned for malware, vulnerabilities, blacklist status and more. One can choose from flexible plans – Pick from 10 GB, 30 GB, or 50 GB storage limits.

Attack Analytics

Helix Sentry Attack Analytics correlates and distills thousands of security events into a few readable security narratives. The solution employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to simplify application security event investigations, enabling IT organizations to mitigate and respond to real threats quickly and decisively. Data flow real-time real time or historical mode.

Attack Analytics are monitored by Fastcomcorp Security Operations Center which provides 24/7 security monitoring utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Analysts at the FSOC identify and analyze threats, provide alerting when appropriate to engage clients in resolution and to assist in mitigation.

Advance Bot Protection

Fastcomcorp Advanced Bot Protection is the most comprehensive and mature detection and mitigation solution available today, covering a wide variety of evolving automated attacks.

Bad bots can create havoc on websites and web apps. Malicious bots can expose data, steal intellectual property, shut down entire websites, and exploit vulnerabilities. Bot protection and management is thus a vital part of modern website security.Helix Sentry detects whether a traffic request comes from a machine or from a human and then blocks or controls non-human and other suspicious requests.

Uncover Hidden Risks

Hidden risks expose your data. Helix Sentry Vunerability Assessment discovers unknown databases, classifies sensitive data and detects vulnerabilities. Keep the 10 most critical security risks and vulnerabilities to web applications secured with OWASP Top 10 scanning.

Helix Sentry offers rich graphical reporting capabilities to easily understand security status and meet regulatory compliance. Generate pre-defined and customizable reports. Quickly assess security status and streamline demonstration of compliance with PCI, SOX, HIPAA and FINRA and other compliance standards.

DNSSEC Protection

DNSSEC is the Internet’s unspoofable caller ID. It guarantees a web application’s traffic is safely routed to the correct servers so that a site’s visitors are not intercepted by a hidden “man-in-the-middle” attacker. These attacks usually go unnoticed by sites’ visitors, increasing the risk of phishing, malware infections, and personal data leakage.

DNS is an unencrypted protocol, making it easy to intercept traffic with spoofing. What’s more, DNS servers do not validate the IP addresses to which they are redirecting traffic. Thru Helix Sentry you can provision and manage DNSSEC from within the dashboard.

Video Games

Supercharge game downloads and in-game performance for a faster, more real-time gamer experience with Helix Sentry server less architecture. Deliver online game downloads, software updates, and live video to any device, at scale, and with minimal end-to-end latency. Whether it's a First Person Shooter (FPS), or any Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG), get dynamic traffic acceleration to deliver a real-time experience.

Helix Sentry can prevent fraudulent account creation and reduce the risk of lost customers, declining revenues, and degraded brand with better uptime and protection against DDoS attacks.


Hiring an internal security team to monitor threats, identify risks and respond to incidents is completely out of range for most companies. But, with Helix Sentry, you can instantly reap the benefits of fully managed security and innovative technology that won’t break your budget. Put your worries aside, get comprehensive security for less than $1 per day.

30 Day Free Trial


1 Site
450per month
  • CDN Site Boost
  • Daily Malware + Vulnerability scan
  • Alerting & Incident Escalations
  • Layer 3, 4, 5 & 6 DDoS Protection
  • Layer 7 DDoS Protection
  • Anycast DNS
  • DNS DDoS Mitigation
  • Link Your Prefer DNS
  • Load Balancing
  • Cache/Header Settings
  • 100% Uptime
  • Speed 100 Gbps
  • Asset Preloading
  • Scale 96 Tbps
  • Instant Purge
  • Dynamic Content Acceleration
  • Edge SSL
  • CAPTCHA Insertion
  • Traffic Hijacking Recovery
  • Incident Response Time 5 hrs
30 Day Free Trial


1 Site
950per month
  • All Features from Starter Included
  • Real Time Threat and Breach Protection
  • Unlimited Malware Removal
  • Incident Management and Remediation
  • Anomaly Detection & Illegal Resource Access Protection
  • Managed WAF Updates
  • SIEM Integration
  • Bot and Brute Force Protection
  • Scraping Protection
  • XSS Injection Protection
  • SQL Injection Prevention
  • Speed 200 Gbps
  • Vulnerability Detection - CMS
  • Cache Shield
  • Reputation Intelligence
  • OWASP Top 10 Protection
  • Block Access to Backdoor Files
  • Incident Response Time 4 hrs
30 Day Free Trial


1 Site
3000per month
  • All Features from Pro Included
  • Reverse Malware and Suspect Engineering
  • Continuous brand/SEO/traffic Monitoring
  • Dedicated FSOC Analyst
  • Virtual Patching/Hardening
  • Expert Security Tuning
  • Fine-Grained Control
  • Threat Investigation and Analysis
  • Application Intelligent Networking
  • API Security
  • Speed 500 Gbps
  • Custom Firewall Rules
  • Fully Managed WAF
  • WAF Rule Update with Customer Request
  • Application Protection
  • Malware Scan Frequency Every 6 Hrs
  • Add-in: Network Traffic Monitoring Onsite or Cloud - Special Request Available
  • Incident Response Time 2 hrs

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