Infra Novus

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Infra Novus

The SaaS that Simplifies Infrastructure, Security, Compliance.

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Infra Novus

The SaaS that Simplifies Infrastructure, Security, Compliance.

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Infra Novus addresses a complex need that every business needs and tackles it in an all-in-one solution. Which is IT Infrastructure and expertise bundled in one service and does not require a business to seek out multiple vendors which adds complexity and exposes one business to risks if each component of the infrastructure is not configured properly. Infra Novus focuses and delivers the 4 mission critical services that every business needs at the same time it can reduce expenses up to 60% percent in infrastructure, licenses, 3rd party

resources, development and operation costs. Infra Novus is leveraged with elite certified expertise and an arsenal of tools. This is not just Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) solution. This is a solution that delivers the 4 mission critical services that every business needs at a fraction of the cost and each component is properly configured with the right expertise. These four mission critical services connect to other protocols and systems in your network. A misconfiguration can hurt your business, your clients or your partners.

The Pain Points

Fastcomcorp Infra Novus tackles the following pain points in the three core infrastructure environments. Which are low budgets, lack of technical knowledge, lack of training, security, compliance, network issues, staffing, and infrastructure not supporting business objectives.

Why We Developed This Solution

We developed this solution alongside THG Ingenuity Cloud Services to enable the SMB’s to effectively protect their most sensitive workloads and data. Over the years time and time again we had have to help our clients deal with multiple vendors, at the same time helping tackle the high cost revolving deploying or enhancing their network or hosting infrastructure. Today compliance regulations for businesses is mandatory due to cyber threats and compliance requirements. Global cybercrime damages are predicted to cost up to $6 trillion annually by 2021.

Risk Management & Expertise

The expertise required to deploy and manage a secure compliant business network to meet today’s demand starts out $220,000. As the cyber threat actors continue to wreak havoc the costs of threat remediation will continue to grow. According to the research conducted by Mimecast in 2019, two thirds of security compromises take at least a month (or even longer) to detect. Not being able to detect a security compromise means that the sensitive and valuable information that belongs to your company can be out there even right now. Failing to detect compromises significantly lowering your chances of eliminating them. That is why threat remediation must be an essential part of your organization risk management objectives. A good risk management program starts having the right expertise on hand and real world experience to vet out applications and networks.

Secure Dedicated Systems and Infrastructure Delivered

SaaS & Network

Infra Novus is not a MSP managed service that you may currently have from a MSP provider. It is a SaaS platform that a MSP or your business can utilize to save more than 60% on infrastructure costs. Infra Novus is a dedicated resource that comes with routing, a next-gen firewall by Fortinet, internal dns, external dns, dmarc, sso, active directory, secure data storage, and a secure private network. If you were to go out and reach a vendor to get each individual component. One of these components costs starts at $3800. Then you would add the cost for the configurations of each component. What this service delivers is a private and isolated network with a global scale capability where you have full control. If you already have a private network. You can add Infra Novus to your setup to enhance your posture.

Data center compliances (ISO 27001, PCI, HIPAA, AICPA/SOC, GDPR)

  • Tier 1 providers including: CSpire, Zayo & Cogent
  • Interconnected data centers
  • 100% completely unthrottled bandwidth
  • Unmetered inbound and private network traffic
  • 32 data center locations
  • IPv6 network design
  • Fully redundant networking equipment
  • Noction intelligent routing
  • Supports port speeds of up to 10Gbps
  • Uncontended bandwidth down to each server
  • N+1 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • N+1 standby 2.25-megawatt generators
  • Carrier Class Ethernet Access
  • Dark Fiber
  • Global Threat Intelligence
  • 24×7 Machine Learning Detections Enabled
  • Peering with Amazon, Google, Microsoft and IBM in selected locations

THG Ingenuity Cloud Services Chooses Fastcomcorp

THG Ingenuity Cloud Services is the infrastructure arm of The Hut Group (also known as THG). THG is an award-winning Technology ecommerce juggernaut with headquarters in Manchester, England. In September of 2020, amid the COVID pandemic, THG began trading on the London Stock Exchange with the largest ever IPO for a UK technology company. THG Ingenuity Cloud Services is trusted by more than 120,000 customers. Including global brands such as McAfee Secure, NortonLife Lock, TeamViewer, Unity, and mixcloud. THG Hosting realized the true potential of Infra Novus early when Fastcomcorp was developing it and the major impact it can have for its customers. Infra Novus eliminates many management complexities and simplifies security as well as costs. This is why THG Hosting came on board and wanted to become part of the solution that every single business today needs.

Expertise Requirements In Today’s Businesses

The expertise required to deploy and manage a secure compliant business network to meet today’s demands starts out $220,000. As technologies come and go with the snap of a finger, it is imperative for a cybersecurity experts to keep pace with the latest from the world of cyber threats. As the state of technology is evolving, so are the vulnerabilities, the number of cyber attacks, and threat actors.

Complexity has become a growing problem for cybersecurity during the past few years. As the threat environment has gotten more sophisticated, organizations have typically responded by adding new tools to their security stack—often to the point where complexity is increasing risk, rather than reducing it. Surveys and reporting show that that large organizations and enterprises are using more than 100 tools on average, and even midsize companies are utilizing 35 to 60 tools.

What we at Fastcomcorp have done is reduce the complexity involved in cyber security. It may sound that it was hard job to do and it did take a couple of years to figure out. But in reality it was relatively easy once we figured out the proper approach and created a vendor ecosystem list (no backdoors) that stresses integration and orchestration utilizing our security methodology that will work for everyone.

As a business owner or the head of your IT deparment. Your staff and yourself have allot in your plate already. What Infra Novus delivers is a almost plug and play utility/service that will help you take care of the configuration settings of your network. In doing so it will eliminate over 90% of your cyber security threats to your business as well as enhance your posture for your remote workforce. We take care of the little details such as the ciphers, protocols, and routing utilizing Fastcomcorp and THG Hosting workforce of engineers and security experts that will help you make continuous improvements to your network as time progresses and new threats emerge. Your organization can leverage with our expertise without you having to hire and increasing spending. Many SMB will spend less than $500 per month with our solution. Here is a list of the expertise involved that is available and played a part of the configuration of this product.

  • System Analyst
  • IT Project Manager
  • Network Engineer and Technician
  • Hosting & Infrastructure Engineer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • System Administrator
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Vulnerability Analyst/Penetration Tester
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Data Compliance Officer
  • Red & Blue Teams
Infrastructure, Security, and Compliance. All In One Solution.

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