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Fastcomcorp can provide a global analysis, market forecasts, and insights into emerging technologies that are designed to help your company address current trends and challenges, identify new technologies, and take advantage of opportunities for growth. Our company and our partners continuously monitor enterprise communications, communication services, IT, applications and services, network security, and retail systems markets. Choosing Fastcomcorp to be your hub for research empowers your company with the know how to make intelligent directed decisions, and ensure that your execution is creative, cost effective, and efficient.

At Fastcomcorp, our researchers’ aim is to acquire highly organized and intelligently-directed specialized knowledge in the field of business process management and computing in order to bring creative and turnkey solutions to clients in the research or development process.

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Ichordex: Genetic Indexing Algorithm

Genetic databases have large indexes with appliances programmed for large complex search inquiries that can take long to output the results. This technology has a unique index compression algorithm (GZene) with record access optimization for genetic databases that enables one to convert their present database inquiries with over 50% speed improvement.

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TEC Encryption

The Transcendental Encryption Codec (TEC) is a new encryption algorithm for securing sensitive data and communications. Unlike TEC’s predecessors such as RSA, AES, Blowfish, and PGP, which continue to encrypt data from the Base-2 (ASCII) system.

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