Since inception Fastcomcorp has helped local businesses and international businesses understand the complex digital world and make educated decisions regarding the digital marketing landscape. Helping decision makers to make digital transformations. For the past 9 years we mainly have been focusing on our IT and developing cutting edge technologies.

Now due to customer expectations shaped by the Internet and refined through constant social interaction. Success in the digital world requires more than applying new technology to old products, processes and experiences. Companies, specially marketing agencies need to pay close attention to the evolution of privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), as they make advertising decisions. What should and shouldn’t be done in the current environment will be shaped by how rights granted under these two laws are interpreted. Regulators are starting to impose substantial fines as GDPR is enforced. Other states in the U.S and countries have put forth legislation regarding data regulation.

Our recent successes and breakthroughs on our propriety cutting edge technologies has gotten the attention of important decision makers in the insurance, healthcare, and the telemedicine industry and we have been asked to tailor our niche Digital Marketing solutions and technologies to deliver growth for their businesses. As well as guide them thru data compliance regulation.

American Outdoors Advertising

American Outdoors Marketing a local company in Mobile, Alabama has increased in popularity as a primary medium for many major companies. Unlike television or radio, outdoor advertising provides a 24–hour, 7 day a week exposure to pinpoint local businesses, build customer awareness, and target certain market areas. Outdoor advertising provides important information to local residents, travelers, commuters, and tourists. American Outdoors Marketing has selected Fastcomcorp to be one of their growth vehicles and to aid them in making a digital transformation. Fastcomcorp will be enhancing its digital marketing services aligned with American Outdoors.

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