Fastcomcorp document management services will allow your company to cut costs and improve efficiencies by taking advantage of our expertise. Our state-of-the art Document Management Systems has a special focus on preservation conversions, cataloging and creating archived libraries designed for your company, creatively and seamlessly. We only use the best in Technology, and people and who share our passion to provide dedicated services. “Good enough” It is not an option for us.

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Document Imaging Conversion Services

Meticulous conversion procedures along with our state-of the-art imaging and OCR technology, ensures the successful conversion of your collection. We process, Scan, combine and merge into a digital format all types of images; digitizing books, Film 135 mm, 16 mm microfilm, fiche, Aperture Cards, photographs, negatives, paper, rare historical documents, illustrations, newspapers, Oversize Documents like Blue Prints and supporting documentation in any format and Data. Into a practical Archive application, that will place the information safely and secure at your disposal.

On Line Repository – Plexius Server or Alchemy

Instant, secure access to your digitized collection can be at your fingertips anywhere, anytime with our online repository, Plexius. By incorporating an electronic, branded online document management solution into a secure, collaborative work environment, Fastcomcorp can provide one point of access to the records your customers have on film, books and newspapers” that have been digitized”. Fastcomcorp, document management and repository system is a valuable asset for libraries, Medical, Manufacturing, Educational, Government, Business and Marketing and Merchandising Institutions and any other Large or Small Business or Entity interested and or Required to Maintain Records at hand. Offering everyone that has to have secure access to them, a quick clear and efficient way to retrieve, view print and email (if authorized) the documents. “A secure access to online information for management, learning, and research”

Blue Prints & Oversized Documents

Digitizing of Books, Newspaper, and Magazines Archival Quality Images captured from books, newspapers and magazines.•Color or bitonal •Oversize books •OCR – PDF Processing also available Documents can be scanned as black & white, grayscale or color, in various Dots per Inch and in many image formats. New technology allows us to accommodate and delicately handle books of various sizes, shapes, thickness, and bindings as well as brittle and frail documents without undue damage.The equipment can also be purchased from Fastcomcorp.

Film Scanning to Digital & Digital to Archive Conversion
• Film (35 & 16 mm), Microfiche, Aperture Cards
• Entire fiche and Header capture included for QC and indexing, COM or Source Documents •16mm or 35mm
• Utilizes a 15 megapixel digital camera to capture each image
• Tuned precision optics (on the CCD-chip and the format of the original)
• 12-bit-dynamics detects even minor changes in contrast
• Overview camera captures entire fiche ensuring NO missed images.

Fastcomcorp Mission is to provide all the resources of a Data and Images Processing Department without the burden of a heavy payroll. We learn your business to the point that we implement integrated process automation technologies to let you operate efficiently and with minimal cost. In addition, we are compliant with GDPR, HIPAA and PCI.